Vivitrol Clinic in Port St Lucie, FL

Pinnacle Wellness Group in Port St Lucie, Fl understands opioid and opiate addiction and the struggles that can come along with it. Providing outstanding care with MAT to help you live your life free from addiction. Use of MAT in Port St Lucie, FL has shown in studies to reduce the risk of fatal overdoses by approximately 50%. 

One of the medications we use for our MAT program in Port St Lucie, FL is Vivitrol.

Vivitrol is a medication that uses Naltrexone in an injectable time-released form. Naltrexone is a full antagonist for opiates, meaning it will not allow ANY opiates or opioids to bind with the receptors. This is one of the top medications used for medication-assisted therapy or MAT for opiate addiction in Port St Lucie, FL. 

Vivitrol is an FDA approved medication to provide help for patients being treated for Substance Use Disorder related to opiate and opioid addictions.


Vivitrol is used to help prevent opioid and opiate use relapse by providing a sustained release of Naltrexone over time. This is an antagonist to opiates and blocks the receptors responsible for allowing the patient to get a “high” feeling from the opiates. Injected once a month, Vivitrol gives the patient the ability to live their lives without having to worry about taking a daily medication. 


Patients who choose to use the once-monthly Vivitrol injection while combining counseling have shown to have a 90% effective opiate free weeks.

While those who were given a placebo only had a 35% success rate. Those patients who used Vivitrol, as well as rehabilitation and continuing therapy, were 17 times less likely to relapse.

Although it is used to prevent relapse it is very important that the patient has successfully detoxed from opiates and opioids to avoid withdrawal symptoms as Vivitrol will knock off any remaining opiates from the receptors. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we offer?

- Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid & alcohol addiction. This includes Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade.

- Testosterone Replacement Therapy

- Medical Cannabis Certification

What is the cost?
MAT (self-pay):
$300 initial visit 
$200 monthly follow-up visit
Testosterone Therapy:
$125 visit + cost of labs (3 months follow up)
$200 initial visit (7 month certification)
$100 re-certification 
Do we offer suboxone maintenance?

Yes! We offer Medicated Assisted Treatment in an outpatient setting. We utilize Suboxone medications (tablets or films), Vivitrol injections, & Sublocade injections. 

How can I make an appointment?

Call our office at 772-222-5411

What to Expect From Your Visit

You will be greeted with a smile from our front desk and signed in. If you can take a moment to fill out the forms required that are listed on the home page and on the forms page. This will speed up things.

Next, you will meet with our medical staff and an evaluation will be completed and any tests that are needed will be administered. 

Depending on what you are visiting us for you will have either a follow-up or a treatment plan laid out for you.

Appointments Available Daily

We have appointments available right away. Talk to someone at Pinnacle Wellness Clinic and make a MAT appointment today.