Medical Marijuana in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)

Cannabis and cannabinoids have been shown to be very useful in promoting health and treating many disorders naturally with herbal medicine. CBD and THC are some of the cannabinoids that are commonly used in a variety of conditions.

How can I get certified?

Medical Marijuana Certifications in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

A qualifying physician will conduct an examination and determine if you have a qualifying condition.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Florida residency is required
  • Must have a valid Florida ID or Driver’s License

The examining physician will explain the process as well as education on the different types of cannabinoids. The application will then be submitted to the state registry. A confirmatory email will then be sent to the patient, who will create an account with the state.

The medical certification is good for 7 months after which a renewal is needed

How do I purchase medical marijuana?

Once the email is received, you can bring it to any dispensary where they will help you decide what products are available and make recommendations. 

A medical marijuana card will be sent within 2 weeks.
Purchasing medical marijuana in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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